An update regarding social media likes and followers.

We understand that there may be some confusion regarding the process of how these hourlies should work. It is the responsibility of the seller to make sure that all likes and followers are genuine and not spam, hacked or bots. This means that the recipient of these likes/followers expects these to be real people that agree to like or follow a page.

The same is in effect for any hourlies that pertain to providing feedback or reviews for a certain site. They must be the result of multiple users and not fake accounts or of any other nature.

Some sites have been cracking down on likes that get delivered by our freelancers. In these circumstances, we advise all buyers that this may occur and it is not the fault or responsibility of the seller to maintain the likes if they are removed. The hourlies are deemed to be completed if the seller has indeed offered the amount of likes/followers as specified by the hourlie description. If they are then removed by the site, it is still taken that the actual delivery of the work is completed.

As of today, we ask that all freelancers provide before and after screenshots in the workstream of their buyers pages to prove that they have indeed delivered the amount that they have stated. If this can be determined then a seller will be paid as expected. If a seller does not have the ability to prove this and the buyer disputes the work, then we will abide by regular Collar Terms and Conditions and review the case and its facts to provide an outcome.

We recently reduced the amount of likes and they cannot exceed 3,000 as we feel that this is a logical amount that can be delivered without issues. We want to make sure that our sellers are delivering quality and that buyers are also aware that a sellers responsibility is until the actual delivery of the work and not after.

I would also like to stress that freelancers should be very detailed in the fact that delays may result and explain what these may mean and how long this may take. If it is not clearly understood by the buyer then the work should not initiate until this is clear.

New Sellers initially have a 3 month period (qualifying period) to make just 2 sales or bill an aggregate of £100 receiving an average feedback of at least 4 in order to retain the full access to Seller features. If this is not achieved within the 3 month qualifying period the account will become “limited” as for the seller features. This is in order to maintain the highest quality in our Freelancers base.

Sellers have the option to extend their qualification period :

For 1 more month paying £9.95 receiving the following benefits :

  • At least 50 relevant Jobs routed to you first. These are Jobs that are suggested for you to send Proposals.
  • 30 FREE proposal credits. These are extra credits from those you normally receive for FREE monthly ones. These extra credits never expire, so you can use them whenever you want.
  • Send proposals to any Job and not just to Jobs that match your approved skills of your application.
  • 1 Featured Hourlie without paying (normally £9.95/Hourlie)

For 3 months paying £6.95 per month receiving the following benefits :

  • 50+ relevant Jobs routed to you first
  • 150 FREE proposal credits. These are extra credits from those you normally receive for FREE monthly ones. These extra credits never expire, so you can use them whenever you want.
  • Send Proposals to any Job and not just to Jobs that match your approved skills of your application.
  • 4 Featured Hourlies without paying (normaly £9.95/Hourlie)

We have a new way for sellers to join our site which is more user friendly and will help better filter work between buyers and sellers.

Once you join the Collar site, you will be prompted to complete an application process in order to start selling. This process entails 4 steps that require specific information in order for our moderation team to approve the user account and have it go live on the site.

The benefits of making this change and implementing this new system is to make sure that we are approving freelancers who can prove that their work and quality are at a high standard and to eliminate spammers and freelancers who are not certified for the category they select. We hope this will improve the overall site for both buyers and freelancers in providing for a better and more quality website for all our users.

The applications are screened within 3 business days and Sellers that get their application approved can start sending Proposals to Jobs and posting Hourlies. Users whose applications are rejected or not submitted will have “limited” access to all Sellers features.

Important Note: Approved Sellers will have a 3 month period (qualifying period) to make just 2 sales or bill a aggregate of £100, receiving an average feedback of at least 4 in order to retain the full access to Seller features. If this is not achieved within the 3 month qualifying period the account will become “limited” as for the seller features. Again, for quality purposes this is an important step in making sure that the work level provided is to the standards that we expect. Please note that during the qualification period, the qualifying seller will not be able to dispute a refund. This feature will be allowed only upon qualifying on the site. If the seller during the qualifying period receives 2 refunds for reasons that have to do with poor quality, failure to meet deadlines, etc the Seller features will be instantly blocked.

Getting paid on COLLAR for a Job Done is completed in four simple steps:

  • When you have completed the work on the Job or Hourlie as agreed with your Buyer, you raise an Invoice in the WorkStream.
  • Your invoice will be sent to the Buyer for payment, which includes them releasing any money held in Escrow up to the invoiced amount.
  • Once the invoice is paid by the Buyer, the payment to your Collar Account will be processed and undergo some security checks. The status of your invoice will appear as pending when it has been paid by your Buyer and is being processed by Collar. Typically, this processing takes a matter of hours or even minutes, but it can occasionally take up to 3 working days.
  • Once the funds have been transferred to your Collar Account, you can either spend the money from your Collar Account directly on Collar (for example, to purchase services yourself or to buy more proposal credits) or withdraw the funds to your PayPal or bank account.

When your Buyer pays your invoice it undergoes some automated security checks. During this time your invoice status will show as "Pending".

In the majority of cases this processing takes just minutes or at peaks times a few hours, however in case extra security checks are needed it may take up to 3 working days.

If your invoice is Pending and it has been less than 3 working days (i.e. excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays) since your Buyer paid your invoice then simply check back again later and you should find that the funds have been released to your Collar wallet.

Only get in touch with Collar Customer Support if it has been more than 3 working days since your Buyer paid your invoice.

We encourage Sellers to communicate regularly with their Buyers via the WorkStream at every step of the way to make sure that the job is progressing well and the Buyer is happy. This can avoid any problems surfacing when it comes to the end of the job.

If your Buyer doesn't respond to your invoice within the 7 day payment terms:

  • for Hourlies: 7 days after you raised your invoice, the payment that they made into the Escrow account will be released automatically to your Collar wallet as payment.
  • for the larger custom Jobs: although the payment terms are still 7 days, Buyers are given up to 15 days to respond to your invoice to allow more time for checking any work etc. Your Buyer will receive several reminders to pay your invoice during this time. On the 15th day after you raised your invoice, if your Buyer has not responded to your invoice (either paid it or rejected it) then any funds held in the Escrow account will be released to your Collar wallet as payment. If the funds held in Escrow don't cover the invoice amount, then Collar will contact your Buyer to arrange for payment immediately to avoid permanent suspension.

See our terms and conditions for more details on payment terms.

If you have an outstanding invoice:

  • make sure you have fully completed the Job in line with the Buyer's needs. As per the Rules of Engagement, your invoice should only have been raised when the Job was completed.
  • get in touch with your Buyer on the WorkStream to check if there is a reason why they haven't paid. If they aren't 100% happy with the work delivered then ask for their feedback and offer revisions.
  • if all else fails, and your Buyer hasn't responded to your invoice, wait for any funds in Escrow to be automatically released to your Collar wallet as payment.

If your Buyer has rejected your invoice then get in touch with them on the WorkStream to find out why and see what you can do to resolve the issue. Most problems are fixed with quick communication. If they are not happy with the work that has been delivered ask for their detailed feedback so that you can meet their needs.

Remember as per the Rules of Engagement:

  • an invoice should not be raised before work has been completed.
  • if the Buyer isn't at first 100% happy with the deliverables offer them at least two further revisions in line with their feedback.

If you have delivered the work that was agreed in your proposal for a custom Job or in your Hourlie description, to a good quality standard (it is error free etc). provided at least two iterations of the deliverables, and the Buyer is still refusing to pay then you can raise a Dispute to us for assistance in your WorkStream.

If you receive a notification that your Buyer's money in the Escrow account is being automatically refunded to them, one of two things will have happened in keeping with Collar terms and conditions:

  • the funds are held as a deposit for a custom Job, and there hasn't been any activity in the WorkStream for a very long period of time (30 days or more) indicating the job has been cancelled or finished.
  • the funds are held after your Buyer purchased your Hourlie service; and the deadline for delivering your service has long since passed without an invoice being raised to indicate the work has been delivered (30 days or more).

My Buyer shouldn't get a refund / I need to get paid!

In all cases before any funds are automatically refunded to your Buyer you will first receive notifications reminding you to take action if your Buyer should not receive a refund. If for any reason you didn't see or act on these reminders, the money was automatically refunded and yet the job is still in progress you can:

  • raise a new deposit request to your Buyer for the funds to be returned to the Escrow account as security, or
  • raise your invoice for payment the Buyer as normal when the job has been completed. Your Buyer will be asked to pay the full amount (and they can re-use the funds moved from the Escrow account into their Collar wallet).

Please note that if your Buyer received an automatic refund because you did not deliver the service within the agreed timescales they are entitled to reject any deposit requests or invoices, and cancel the job.

Will I get a 1 star feedback?

If your Buyer is automatically refunded in this way you will automatically receive a 1 star feedback rating because it will be assumed that you did not deliver the job. However, remember you can prevent the automatic refund with this automatic penalty by acting on the reminders you have received:

1) if the job (custom Jobs not Hourlies) is still in progress you should post an update message to your Buyer in the WorkStream, or

2) completing the job and raising your invoice for payment; or

3) issuing your Buyer a refund. If it is clear in your WorkStream that the cancellation is due to your Buyer and not a problem with your delivery of the job (remember all communications should be via the WorkStream) then you will not be penalised.

The majority of Buyers on Collar are serious about their jobs and paying promptly for the work delivered.

However if you have completed a job, raised your invoice and you haven't received payment from your Buyer within 7 days Collar will chase this payment for you including automatically releasing money held in Escrow and if necessary suspending the Buyer's account until they pay any missing sums. For more information on this process and how it works take a look here.

Unfortunately if there is insufficient money held in the Escrow account there are no guarantees that Collar will be able to recover the full payment for you, although we will do our very best.

Top tips to avoid payment issues

  • The Escrow feature is there to protect you so if you are working with a Buyer, particularly a new Buyer, then it is worth asking for a good deposit amount to be paid into Escrow so that you can have the confidence as you start work.
  • If the job is a large piece of work that will likely run across many weeks or even months then you can suggest to your Buyer that you arrange for milestone payments tied to milestone deliverables, rather than one big payment at the end of the project. Or at the very least arrange for milestone amounts to be paid into the Escrow account before you start each new phase. However, always remember, never request payment of money out of Escrow before work has been delivered.
  • When the job is in progress, communicate regularly with your Buyer to make sure they are happy with the progress.
  • Once you have delivered the work, then make sure to give your Buyer the chance to feedback on the deliverables and ask for amendments so that they are 100% satisfied, before you raise your invoice. Remember to allow your Buyer at least two iterations on the work delivered.

When a Buyer purchase an Hourlie service or accepts a custom job proposal; they are asked to pay funds into an Escrow account. These funds are held in the Escrow account until the job has finished, the Seller raises an invoice, and the Buyer confirms they are happy that the job has completed and pays the invoice.

As a Seller, the Escrow facility provides you with security before you start working. We advise that, for small jobs or where you have no record working with the Buyer, you request either all the funds be put in escrow or agree to milestones, which need the payments pre-funded to escrow (as a deposit) before you start work on each milestone.

Please note: you do not need to raise an invoice for each milestone. All you need is to ensure that the funds are in place by requesting a deposit. It is usually best you complete the Job and invoice for the whole lot in one go in the end.

Unfortunately this is something you will have to take care of yourself as being a Seller means that you are responsible for your own taxation and finances.

A good idea might be to search online for a specialist or consult the local authorities where you live. The people there are trained to answer your questions and can help guide you toward the solution.

Buyers can receive many many Proposals and can't always review them all, to make yours catch the Buyers eye you should firstly read the Job description so that you know what the Buyer is looking for.

Once you have this information you can start to write your Proposal.

Make it relevant to the Job, do not overwrite, Buyers can be very busy people and do not have time to sift through a mountain of text to get to the desired skills. Consider your Budget. Be honest, don't say you have skills or experience that you don't have.

Once you have completed your Proposal you can offer further information to support your claim via the message board on Collar.

You can find work that’s as small as one hour or long-term permanent work. Over 40% of the work on COLLAR results in follow on work so its up to you to make the most of it. Some of our Sellers use PeoplePerHour as a stop-gap or sideline to the main income. Some are retired people, parents or students supplementing their income but a good proportion use the site as their main source of income.

The services you can sell on COLLAR really vary and depend on you. You can post an Hourlie in almost any skill category imaginable and get creative about what you can do for as little as one hour, or you can engage with a Buyer and send a Proposal for a Job posted in a more traditional service category like Design or Programming.

For a full list of categories that we offer, simply click on the ‘Jobs’ or ‘Hourlies’ tabs in the top navigation.

Your available earnings can be seen in your Collar Account, under the Payments section > Transactions and then choose the option Earnings.

This shows all funds available to withdraw. The amount held on deposit, under Escrow accounts, can be seen in your Seller Escrow Account.

You can also see all you transactions by selecting All Transactions and you will have a more detailed information and also have the option to export them.

Post an Hourlie! This is the best way to kick off your Collar experience and to get some short term work. An Hourlie is like an express Job. Once you have a Buyer you agree on a delivery date and start working.

A buyer may even purchase your Hourlie to see if you are right for a longer term Job. There is no commitment from either party to continue after the work for the first Hourlie has been completed.

You can list more than one Hourlie covering all the types of work you can do for buyers. Remember though, not to over-commit and pause your Hourlies if you have a lot of work on.

You can, of course, still complete your Profile, search for Jobs and make Proposals.

We always encourage Sellers to make sure the escrow is funded at all times however if you have raised a request by mistake or you have had second thoughts you can cancel the request by going to your Work stream and clicking Cancel.

COLLAR allows you to find work easily and flexibly while retaining your independence and your own work-lifestyle balance. You can work with Buyers all over the world, network and develop a client base that spans geographies and industries which would otherwise would be extremely costly and difficult.

We offer email support and a vibrant community that makes you feel at home!

No. COLLAR is a marketplace that connects a Buyer to the Seller of a service online. A recruitment site is one that takes an active (and often biased) effort in finding you a job. What PeoplePerHour does is provide you with the tools and the means to promote yourself, engage with Buyers and sell your services directly to them, for as little as an hour all the way to on-going permanent work

The other key difference is that PeoplePerHour offers you the ability to find small jobs or projects that a conventional recruiter doesn’t offer. On COLLAR you can start on a small project for a Buyer that you deliver in a few hours and build on from there. Most of the work is done remotely with little or no physical interaction and often across geographic boundaries

No, over 40% of the work you get on COLLAR leads to follow-on work. What we offer is a platform and a toolset that makes it easy for you to get started in a small job or project and go from there. You will find people on the site have been working with Buyers for a prolonged period of time.